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We are manufacturers of passive fiber optic infrastructure. We transform highly complex projects around the world into fast and innovative communication solutions with the latest technology products.. We became a benchmark in LATAM for developing solutions aimed at satisfying the technological needs of the market. For it, We rely on four fundamental pillars: Excellence in service, investment in key assets, partner and customer training, and the approval of products with the aim of offering solutions to the different segments of the economy.



Pioneering Fiber Optic Solutions: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's Inception in 2000.

Founded in Asia, ARTIC FIBER OPTIC specializes in cutting-edge fiber optic developments.


 High-Speed Triumph: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's Industry Leadership in 2002.

A significant milestone is achieved as ARTIC FIBER OPTIC launches its inaugural high-speed fiber optic cable, consolidating its position as an industry leader.


Global Expansion Pivot: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's Reach Across Europe and North America in 2005.

ARTIC FIBER OPTIC expands its global footprint, establishing offices in key locations across Europe and North America.


Submarine Innovation: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's Forward-Thinking Move in 2007. Demonstrating forward-thinking innovation, ARTIC FIBER OPTIC introduces its first submarine fiber optic transmission system.


ARTIC FIBER OPTIC emerges as the predominant supplier of fiber optic cables in Asia, consolidating its leadership in the market.


Asia's Top Fiber Optic Provider: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's Leading Role in 2010.

Unveiling a state-of-the-art product line, ARTIC FIBER OPTIC introduces fiber optic cables with higher capacity and lower attenuation, setting new industry standards.


Strategic Collaboration: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC Strengthens R&D Capabilities with Key Tech Partner.

ARTIC FIBER OPTIC forges a strategic alliance with a leading communications technology provider, enhancing its research and development capabilities.


Latin American Breakthrough: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's 2019 Milestones.

Breaking into Latin America, ARTIC FIBER OPTIC achieves its first sale of the Artic optical cable to Arsat in Argentina. The groundbreaking OneClick pre-connectorized solution is also developed and launched.


Landmark Collaboration: Artic's First Regional Venture with Tecnored Unveils OneClick Network.

Artic establishes a pivotal partnership with Tecnored, marking its first collaboration in the region. The La Puerta cooperative in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, witnesses the implementation of the first OneClick network.


Premier Membership Achieved: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC's 2021 Recognition.

Artic attains Premier Membership status in the Fiber Broadband Association Latam Chapter. The San Martin de los Andes cooperative in Patagonia, Argentina, achieves a landmark feat by crossing Lake Meliquia with the Artic underwater cable.


Strategic Growth: ARTIC FIBER OPTIC Forges Partnerships and Launches Cutting-Edge Solutions in Latin America.

ARTIC FIBER OPTIC actively builds new partnerships in Latin America, alongside the development and launch of innovative solutions: Universal Connect, MultiClick, and MDUClick. Additionally, the company is rolling out its microducts.


Certification Milestone: Artic's Inaugural Presence in FBA Latam Chapter Courses and Strategic Alliances in Europe and Africa.

Artic makes its debut in the FBA Latam Chapter certification courses, solidifying its presence in Europe and Africa through a strategic agreement with Lynddahl-Telecom. Additionally, Artic relocates its manufacturing facility from Shenzhen to Nigbo and Hubei in China, showcasing its commitment to operational excellence.